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Musicians West Winners Through the Years


Click on a year to see a complete list of winners.

2024  Adjudicators:  Angela Cheng, Alvin Chow, Timothy Brown

2023  Adjudicators:  Dennis Alexander, Juan Pablo Andrade, Anna Fisher

2022  Adjudicators:  Spencer Myer, Kimi Kawashima, Renato Fabbro

2020, 2021                The event was not held during the pandemic.

2019  Adjudicators:  Antoinette Perry, Virginia Weckstrom, Kevin Olson

2018  Adjudicators:  Timothy Brown, Juan Pablo Andrade, Kimi Kawashima

2017  Adjudicators:  Spencer Myer, Karali Hunter, Hilary Demske

2016  Adjudicators:  Dennis Alexander, Roger McVey, Dennis Hirst

2015  Adjudicators:  Karen Beres, Christopher Hahn, Kenneth Christensen

2014  Adjudicators:  Kevin Olson, Jed Moss, Jo Ann Gerrish

2013  Adjudicators:  Steven Hesla, Dennis Hirst, Brooke Hirst

2012                          The event was not held in 2012.

2011  Adjudicators:  Nelita True, Kimi Kawashima, Julie Gosswiller

2010  Adjudicators:  Dennis Alexander, Christopher Hahn

2009  Adjudicators:  Juan Pablo Andrade, Frank Chiou

2008  Adjudicators:  Christopher Hahn, Nancy Reese

2007  Adjudicators:  Lillian Livingston, Dennis Hirst, Sue Miller

2006  Adjudicators:  Raj Bhimani, Kimi Kawashima

2005  Adjudicators:  Nancy Weems, Kori Bond, Jo Ann Gerrish, Paula Clark

2004  Adjudicator:   Nancy Nagy Sen

2003  Adjudicator:   Raj Bhimani

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